Air freshener & disinfectant

Air freshener & disinfectant

Disinfect surfaces and deodorise at the same time with my multipurpose Disinfectant Spray. The powerful formula eliminates unpleasant odours, kills bacteria and is fantastic at controlling mould and mildew. Suitable for use on a variety of household surfaces including the kitchen and bathroom. With a little help from my disinfectant spray you will have a clean, fresh smelling house in half the time. Always follow directions on pack.

Tips from Dot

Got smelly shoes? Or worse a smelly car?

Spray a heavy piece of paper or card with my fresh smelling air freshener. Simply pop it in your sock drawer, smelly shoes, gym bag, or purse for a fresh and clean scent all week long. Do the same to another piece of card and pop it into your car and the air will distribute my Dot’s fresh and clean smell around your car.

Is your kitchen a sticky mess?

Keeping your kitchen clean is important to your family’s health, but is a never-ending chore. You can use my disinfectant spray on your kitchen surfaces to wipe away those germs leaving a fresh, clean kitchen environment in just a tick. Spray the inside of your kitchen bin with my disinfectant to tame those nasty smells too.

My Dot’s household product range is proudly made in New Zealand.
You can find Dot’s at your local supermarket, if not ask them why!

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